Capturing Future Scholars: Geofencing Gold for Campus Recruitment

The higher education geofencing marketing isn’t just a fancy set of buzzwords; it’s the sparkling new strategy campuses are using to tap into the world of tech-savvy high schoolers. Remember the days when campuses used to woo prospective students with glossy brochures and charismatic recruiters? While these methods have their charm, it’s 2023, folks! Universities are now taking the tech route to woo Gen Z, and what’s more tech and trendy than geofencing?

First, a quick peek at what geofencing really means. In essence, it’s like setting up an invisible dog fence, but for smartphones. When a device enters a set geographic boundary, bam! It triggers a pre-defined action. But how does this tech marvel apply to campus recruitment? Allow me to guide you:

Virtual Campus Vibes – Imagine a student visiting your town and, as they pass by your university, they get a ping: “Ever considered studying anthropology? Swing by our department for an impromptu tour!” It’s like a magnetic pull but digitally orchestrated.

High School Hijinks – Set up geofences around high schools (with permission, of course) and when students are considering their next big step, you could send them info about open days, scholarship opportunities, or even a fun quiz about which course suits them best.

Eventful Engagements – Organizing a campus fair or a theatrical extravaganza? Use geofencing to reach out to people in the vicinity. Two hours till the curtains rise! Join us for a night of drama and dreams at the university auditorium.

Storytelling with Alumni – There’s nothing like a personal touch. As prospective students wander the streets, why not ping them with short video testimonials from successful alumni? A sprinkle of inspiration can work wonders.

Feedback Fun – After an open day or a recruitment event, use geofencing to ask for feedback. “Enjoyed the campus tour? Rate your experience!” It s a two-way street.

A couple of cheeky notes before you jump on the geofencing bandwagon:

Choose Wisely – Not all messages are gold. Be picky. Annoying someone with ten notifications will probably ensure they never pick your campus!

Respect Privacy – Always, and I mean ALWAYS, ensure permissions are in place. No one likes an unexpected ping from an unknown entity.